Chiang Mai

Afternoon Tea in Thailand

Starting from: $683 / room

137 Pillars House is a boutique hotel in Chiang Mai that revives the old world elegance of the Orient and invites guests to enjoy every modern luxury. Make yourselves comfortable in our Rajah Brooke Suite, and enjoy our luxurious amenities such as delicious daily breakfast, and experience traditional afternoon tea.

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10 Day Super Thailand

Starting from: $1999 / person

This is a quick Thailand vacation for the busy family or individual wanting to get away. Thailand is world-renowned for its hot, tropical heat, it’s vibrant culture and its bustling nightlife. This tour offers the best Thailand has to offer for a relaxing and awe-inspiring vacation to remember.

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Thailand Extended Stay Packages

Starting from: $478 / person

Chinapac Int’l is offering the exclusive chance to be able to truly immerse yourself in this extraordinary Thailand experience, by allowing you to choose from an array of 7-day to 29-day extended stay packages in which all areas of Thailand are available to explore.

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Thailand Discovered (9 Nights)

Starting from: $2,210 / person

Rambunctious cities, religious sanctuaries, ancient kingdoms and tropical beaches contribute to this well-rounded Thailand trip. Explore the bustling city of Bangkok, visiting temples, a floating market and cruise the extensive canals. Chill out in Chiang Mai, a tranquil town in northern Thailand; the perfect place to visit elaborate temples, get face-to-face with massive elephants and feast at a local night market. Relax in Phuket, a Thai beach haven with incredible views of the famed limestone structures, isolated beaches and top notch snorkeling. Thailand Discovers combines all of the best of Thailand all into one extensive itinerary to make sure you won’t miss anything in this beautiful country!

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Thailand’s Four Seasons (12 Nights)

Starting from: $8,120 / person

Discover some of the Four Season’s most unique properties on this journey through the Four Seasons resorts of Thailand. Experience the temples of northern Thailand, the beaches of southern Thailand and the bustling city of Bangkok. Cultural tours, temple exploring and lazy beach days will fill your adventure on this excursion through Thailand’s Four Seasons.

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North & South Thailand Highlights (15 days)

Starting from: $2799 / person

The perfect mix of culture and beach, activities and relaxation, this 15-day adventure hits all the highlights. In the north, ponder the River Kwai, attend a cooking class for the secret to great curry, and marvel at the ruins of Ayutthaya. Then hit the beach and unwind—Koh Samui and Krabi await with tropical weather, beach barbeques and thrilling nightlife. Through a combination of flights, boats and overnight trains, you can see a lot and still come away feeling rejuvenated.

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Thailand Experience (20 days)

Starting from: $2199 / person

Marvel at beautiful Buddhist temples, share smiles with villagers during a remote hillside trek, and dive into southern waters – this comprehensive 20-day tour gets you to the cultural heart of Thailand and its best beaches. After elephant rides and temple ruins, head south for a week of island-hopping in search of great snorkelling and cold drinks on the best beaches. This trip is the perfect introduction to Thailand.

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Highlights of Thailand (8 days)

Starting from: $1299 / person

It’s difficult to fit all the varied experiences of northern Thailand into just one week, but we found a way. Through a combination of flights, boats, overnight trains and the omnipresent tuk tuk, travellers need not sacrifice cultural activities and inspiring sites on this comfort-focused trip. Experience golden monasteries, cooking classes and thriving night markets as well as the sobering ‘Death Railway’, where legions of POWs met a cruel fate in World War II. Prepare to return home a different person.

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Thailand on a Shoestring (16 days)

Starting from: $1399 / person

Perfect for those looking to experience northern Thailand’s cultural treasures and the natural beauty of its southern islands. This 16-day trip will help you get off the beaten path with a trek to the region’s hilltribes but remains flexible enough to suit all tastes. From the lush hills of the north, stitched through with the diverse colours of its hilltribes, to the soft sands of the south and the glorious chaos of Bangkok, Thailand will leave you captivated.

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Northern Thailand Experience (12 days)

Starting from: $1199 / person

Meet saffron-robed monks, visit hilltribe villages and delve into the different on an adventure that includes Thailand’s wild northwest corner. You’ll stretch your legs and your mind on a 3-day trek to hilltribe villages, each with their own language and religions. Whether you’re walking the ancient streets of Ayutthaya or planning some shopping in Chiang Mai, our CEOs will help you discover places you wouldn’t otherwise have known were there. And with plenty of free time to explore on your own, this trip will let you really absorb the spirit of this diverse country.

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Northern Hilltribes & Villages (8 days)

Starting from: $699 / person

From the luxury of Bangkok’s malls and gleaming highrises, head north to Thailand’s hills. Eating and sleeping with the hilltribes will bring you face to face with these colourful cultures. We’ll leave plenty of time for fun in historic Chiang Mai with its night market and delicious cuisine. Our CEOs will help you get off the beaten path—but you’ll stay flexible by being able to choose the activities you really want.

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Northern Thailand Hilltribes Trek (5 days)

Starting from: $299 / person

Trek through the hills surrounding Chiang Mai and meet the local people, known collectively as hilltribes, who have made their homes on these slopes. They have lived in peace and without modern conveniences for many years; a visit to these traditional communities is like travelling back to a simpler time. Learn about jungle food and the local way of life, and ride an elephant through the forest. After all that exertion, recline on a bamboo raft and float downriver, giving the friendly locals a wave as you drift past them going about their daily lives.

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Thailand Hike, Bike & Kayak (14 days)

Starting from: $1699 / person

Perfect for those who believe the best way to appreciate paradise is to jump right into it, this adventure will have you hiking through forests and rice paddies, experiencing Thailand’s intriguing combination of culture and the great outdoors. Kayak the turquoise waters of the Andaman and discover coral coves and white sand beaches. With the services of a CEO and your accommodation and transport taken care of, this trip offers great value as it introduces the main sights of Thailand, offering up plenty of flexibility so you can experience an adventure you’ll never forget.

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Thailand Family Adventure (12 days)

Starting from: $999 / person

Why do some families go all the way to Thailand just to lie on the beach? We don’t know either. Our family adventure mixes a whole lot of bona fide Thai experiences—everything from a longboat tour of Bangkok, a meeting with a hill tribe community, a cooking class in Chiang Mai and a somber visit to the infamous bridge over the River Kwai—with a little bit of sand and surf, too. Hey, even the Buddha reclined and relaxed once in a while, right?

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Thailand Discovery (18 days)

Starting from: $1999 / person

Get the best of Thailand’s culture, sacred sites and beaches on this 18-day adventure. You’ll take an unforgettable ride aboard an elephant, explore the north’s Golden Triangle and cycle the streets of ancient Sukhothai before heading south for peaceful island beaches. You’ll explore the perfect islands and swim in the incredible waters. This trip offers the classic Thai experience—a great combination of must-see highlights and free time to do your own thing.

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Northern Thailand Explorer

Starting from: $1,249/person

Thailand’s gift to nature, Northern Thailand has breathtaking mountain scenery, secluded jungles, meandering rushing rivers, exotic hill tribes and interesting Buddhist temples. Fly North West from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son situated next to the border with Myanmar. Mae …

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