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Head To The Market in Chiang Mai

Wether you’re staying in luxurious hotels like the Four Seasons, 137 Pillar House or Chedi Hotel, or prefer to backpack your way through Thailand, there’s one place you must visit: The Woraros Market.

Waroros Market

Waroros Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Woraros Market is a massive market that many locals consider the center of Thai shopping in Chiang Mai. Visitors can find almost anything they’re looking for in the market’s dozens of stalls, from fresh fruits and food to clothes, backpacks and handmade jewelry.

Fresh Mangoes and Chili Sauce

Local merchant prepares chili sauce for the fresh mangoes she is selling. This is a delicious treat in Thailand.


Bookbag sold in the Waroros Market

Situated alongside the Ping River (and not too far from the tourist-favorite Night Bazaar), the Woraros Market is busy and full of just about everyone in Chiang Mai.

Don’t let the appearance fool you. On a recent trip to the Woraros Market, there were many European and American tourists, dressed in designer clothing, shopping with locals. Perhaps, it’s the appeal of this marketplace being authentically Thai and void of too many touristy trinkets. Whatever it is, there is something magical about this market that has travelers from various walks of life meeting together.

Since the Woraros Market is renowned for staying true to its roots, travelers and Thai natives can find goods, often unique to the market, itself, and the city of Chiang Mai.

The Woraros Market is the heartbeat of Chiang Mai’s marketplace, so whether you’re leaving the comfort of your hotel room or hostel, hail a pedi cab, tuk tuk or car to get there. It doesn’t matter how, you make it there, just enjoy your time shopping when you get there.


- Romey Louangvilay