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My Time in Thailand…

With Kate Hasenfus, PR Executive, Tourism Authority of Thailand

Last month, while location scouting in Thailand with a film crew from the United States, I had a chance to visit a small province in Southern Thailand called Trang. Typically, lesser-known destinations offer unspoiled, off-the-beaten path experiences that cannot be found at the more popular tourist spots, and Trang certainly did not disappoint! One of the things that struck me while looking out from my balcony at the picturesque Anantara Si Kao Resort is the wonder of the nature there – the low and high tides that essentially transform the crystal blue sea in the morning to a beach where people can walk in the late afternoon. Some of the other images that stand out in my mind from my time in Trang include the stunning rock formations, unspoiled beaches, a sea-gypsy island, the breathtaking and awe-inspiring Emerald cave, magnificent five-star accommodations with true Thai hospitality, amazing southern style seafood dishes…need I say more?

Trying local food is always a highlight during my travels, and my experience in Trang was no exception. During my trip, I had the privilege of touring the town with TAT Trang’s Director, Khun Charun Chuennaitom, who took me to a typical coffee house/restaurant for Trang’s famous Moo Yang (Roast Pork) and Dim Sum dish called Lay-Trang. On a Saturday morning, this place was overflowing with customers in both the indoor and outdoor dining spaces. One of the menu items that excited me most was the hot Thai tea served with condensed milk. I said to Khun Charun, “I don’t even remember when was the last time I saw a Thai tea served like this! It reminds me of my childhood, when I would visit the local coffee house with my father every morning so that he could catch up with friends.” Khun Charun explained that Trang locals love talking politics and the coffee house is where this casual conversation typically takes place. In fact, one of Thailand’s former Prime Ministers is from the town.

Overall, Trang is a diverse society with a mix of populations including Thai, Malay and Hokkien Chinese residents. This certainly explains the amazing Dim Sum breakfast and the famous roast pork (Trang hosts a Roast Pork Festival annually in September). Amazing Thailand, Amazing Moo Yang!

To learn more about Trang, please visit tourismthailand.org/us.