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Your Fairy Tale Thailand Honeymoon

Exotic fruit dangles just out of reach, lotus plants sway in a freshwater lagoon and candy-coated dragonflies stage an elaborate game of tag as you crash through the jungles of Chiang Mai on the back of an elephant.

From the moment you touch down in Thailand, it is hard not to be swept up in a fairy tale of unforgettable sights, sounds, smells and experiences. That first Thai sunset will steal your breath.

Luckily there are Mango Sticky-Rice Daiquiris within easy reach, there is namaste to be achieved on a nearby hilltop, there are wraps, scrubs and reflexology sessions to be relished and there is a gentle breeze offering a complementary head massage at almost all times.

In Thailand, romantic is an understatement.

Sail a century-old Siamese junk boat, its bright red sails and smooth teak body set against the azure water, to a deserted beach for a pristine picnic on the powdery white sand of Phuket.

Explore Krabiʼs ancient limestone cliffs that cascade down into warm water that is teeming with coral, turtles, reef sharks and a shimmering array of curious fish.

Venture into the night markets of Bangkok to feast on phenomenal street food for just a few dollars.

Enjoy it all from the pampered seclusion of a Thatch-roofed villa, a stunning treehouse resort or an immaculate jungle tent – most with private jacuzziʼs or lush terraces, some accessible only by boat.

Find out which deals offer the exquisite romance that only Thailand can deliver.